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Paying Down Credit Cards with the Debt Snowball!

Today I am going to share a debt pay down plan with those of you that feel like your credit cards and other financial obligations are out of control.  If you’re like me, when you have credit cards in your … Continue reading

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Are CFL Bulbs REALLY a Good Solution to Save You Money?

Are Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Really a Good Solution to Save You Money? The Dangers of CFL Light Bulbs A number of people claim that one smart way you can save money is by changing the lighting in your home … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Blog!!

The members of this community have gathered together to form a single place where people with a common interest in saving money and living a more traditional life can share their knowledge and ideas. This website contains the resources you need to live a better life!� We have a blog where we publish articles explaining how to build a homestead, and live life a more frugal way.� We also offer a forum for you to share conversations.� Here, you can even share your own favorite receipes using our online recipe database! Not only is this a great place to gather and get to know each other, but we also offer great informational resources such as how-to guides.� These will help you learn how to do the things that will help you live a more frugal life and build your homestead! Don’t forget to check out the product reviews!� These will help you get a fair, detailed, first-hand review of products before you buy them! Have a great time browsing around, and we look forward to getting to know you. Welcome to our Community! Continue reading

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