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The members of this community have gathered together to form a single place where people with a common interest in saving money and living a more traditional life can share their knowledge and ideas.

This website contains the resources you need to live a better life! We have a blog where we publish articles explaining how to build a homestead, and live life a more frugal way. We also offer a forum for you to share conversations. Here, you can even share your own favorite recipes using our online recipe database!

Not only is this a great place to get to know each other, but we also offer great informational resources such as how-to guides. These will help you learn how to do the things that will help you live a more frugal life and build and maintain your homestead!

Don’t forget to check out the product reviews! These will help you get a fair, detailed, first-hand review of products before you buy them!

Have a great time browsing around, and we look forward to getting to know you.

Welcome to our Community!

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2 Responses to Welcome to the FrugalHomesteaders.net Blog!!

  1. workerbee says:

    Nice new site! says Workerbee :)

  2. Almira says:

    I bhguot 16 CFC bulbs in 2007. I also bhguot about 100 of the incandescent Halco long lasting bulbs. A 4 pack of CFC bulbs cost $11.99 and a 4 pack of the Halco long lasting bulbs cost $6.99. I have 32 light fixtures in my house. I put 16 CFC bulbs and the Halco bulbs side by side so they would burn at the same hours. I noticed very little decrease in my electric bill.. Both made claims they would last 10,000 hours. Now, over five years later 15 of the 16 Halco bulbs are still burning and only 6 of the 16 CFC bulbs are still burning. I am replacing all the burned out bulbs with the Halco bulbs because any savings on electricity are more than eaten up by the cost of the CFC bulbs and the fact that they burn out faster than the Halco bulbs. The CFC bulbs also contain mercury which could not be a good thing and they emit an awful odor sometimes when they burn out. I saw 2 of them smoke right before burning out.

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