Still harvesting in winter 2012!!

Hey Everybody!  Well, we’re a full week into February and have had an exceptionally mild winter this year in much of the southern plains!  With spring just around the corner, we’re still harvesting healthy crops from last fall’s garden! 

The past few weeks we have seen temperatures with lows right around freezing, and highs frequently up around 60.  Early this winter, we had a few days in the lower 20′s, but overall, it has been a very mild winter.  In Northwest Arkansas, we have yet to see snow accumulation worth mentioning!  In comparison, last winter we had two feet of overnight snowfall, and lows that frequently dipped below 20.  A few nights even dipped down to -14 degrees!

This weekend, we picked some turnips that I used to make some awesome homemade soup.  Here’s a picture of Mrs. Patriot_RAM picking some turnips out in the garden:

Still picking turnips in February!

With spring just around the corner, we’ll be planting some spring crops in our new raised beds.  Last year we had some great cabbage, so I’m sure we’ll do that again.  We’re also going to try some new crops this year that we’re really excited about!  We’re looking forward to some Kohlrabi, Kale, and some new varieties of lettuce and spinach.

Oh, and do you remember those paper mache flavored tomatoes that they sell at Wal-Mart over the winter?  After eating those things for nearly five months now, I can’t wait for some garden fresh tomatoes this summer!

Just a reminder — It’s time to get those seeds ordered!

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